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Getting Here


Mr. Pichai Teerachotmongkol, a young determined man started his first company, TRR (Thai Roong Rueng) chili sauce in Bangkok in 1961. Four decades later, the company was passed on to his son, Mr. Kraisak Teerachotmongkol, who intended to follow his father’s footsteps. Mr. Kraisak, the current managing director aims for a bright future for the company. With his passion and devotion, he has brought the company to an international level. Customers from overseas started to recognize TRR under the brand “Mabin”. As a result of constant development, the company was awarded the ISO 22000, HACCP, and GMP from SGS.
Mabin’s products include a variety of sauces such as chili sauce, sweet chili sauce, sweet plum sauce, suki sauce which are among our favorites. Our company is committed to maintaining and upgrading the quality standards for customer satisfaction.  To this say, as Mabin continues to delight and impress, it is certainly worthy of being called “the professional choice” 


Initially, we used the direct heater to seal our products, but we soon discovered that sealing was unreliable and time-consuming and, as we export our products across the USA and Europe, we needed to ensure the product was safe in transportation.


PT Asia recommended Super Seal™ Touch for matching production speed and touch screen control.

'We moved to an induction sealed foil to improve the shelf life of our products' comments by Manager.

About the Super Seal™ Touch

Super Seal™ Touch induction cap sealer, The industry's first interactive touch screen induction sealer.  This single coil induction cap sealer was created to offer users increased productivity, an easier set-up, and more control. The easy to use touch screen is available in multiple languages and comes with supervisory password protection and recipe management as standard features.

There are several optional extras available for the Super Seal™ range to improve control and productivity on your production line.

There are a variety of sealing coils available with the Super Seal™ Touch induction cap sealer to suit a wide range of sealing requirements. Our technical experts will match your requirements to one of our unique coils to help you achieve maximum productivity with minimum energy requirements.

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