Our company began as a vision of two siblings, both passionate about Thai food, who dreamed of seeing their beloved cuisine cooked and enjoyed in restaurants and homes around the world. Founded in 1999, Exotic Food began by selling a few dozen core items. Today, the brand encompasses more than 200 Thai food and beverage products, available at stores around the world in more than 62 countries and counting. Made from only the freshest and best quality ingredients produced by local farmers, our products capture the many delicious dimensions of Thailand. Presented in sleek and modern packaging, Exotic Food products are ready to be turned into magical culinary moments within minutes. Our research and development team continues to innovate, searching for new and delicious products that suit the tastes of our worldwide customers, while always maintaining the highest level of safety and quality standards.

Manufacturer of chili sauces exports products safety thanks to the use of induction cap sealing

Exotic Food Thailand has been using induction cap sealing for over 3 years, The use of this sealing technology provides added protection to its products such as tamper evidence and product freshness, therefore facilitating international export of products.

The benefits gained from Induction Cap Sealing

  • Tamper Evidence

  • Secure Transportation

  • Extended Shelf Life

Super Seal™ Cap Sealer Induction Cap Sealing Machine

Enercon's Super Seal™ induction cap sealers are the industry standard for cap sealing. These induction cap sealing machines have sealed more containers at more packaging operations than any other brand in the world.

Induction sealing is a very simple process that provides our products with added security and assurance in the form of tamper evidence. If a consumer opens the product and sees that it is already open, they know not to use it.

The machines are stronger, more efficient and can be easily integrated into production lines to maintain fast production speeds.

Key Product Benefits Super Seal™

  • Reliable Power Supply Design

  • Ultra-Efficient Sealing Heads

  • Simple Setup & Operation