Continental - Pharm Co., Ltd. was established 47 years ago in 1973 with the aim of manufacturing and distributing finished medicine. First, the company focused the business on the Pediatric and Gynaecology market and then expanded the product line to the surgery and medicine department.

In 1999 General care product and General Candy Co., Ltd. came to be Continental Pharm joint venture, then consumer products such as soap with an antibacterial agent is added into the company product line.

Our main products are Anti-Haemorrhoidal, Vaginal Insert, Antimicrobial, Mucolytic, Anti-Pyretics, Antihistamine, Antacid, Anti-Flatulent, Laxative, Antifungal-Dermal, Oral Candidiasis Treatment, and Vitamin & Minerals

Why we won?

  • PT Asia limited not only delivered a coding solution but also manufactured a highly customized conveying mechanism in just 5 working days. cites ease of use as the main benefit of the Linx coders. PT Asia is a long term partner of Continental-Pharm and consistently deliver a premium service and reliable product. Linx continues to produce machines that meet those requirements at the right price, both in terms of the initial outlay and the ongoing low cost of ownership.

  • Accurate and Clear coding

  • Ease of use for operators

  • Fast ink drying time

  • Quick integration with production line

About the Linx 7900

Delivering simple, automated code set up, the Linx 7900 reduces the risk of costly errors and cuts the time required to switch products, making it ideal for frequent changeovers on busy production lines. 

The Linx 7900 has a range of capabilities to help pharmaceutical manufacturers print perfectly, minimize mistakes, and even measure production output. Its software delivers quick, time-saving changeovers between products or messages, while simple automated set-up helps ensure users get it the right first time.

Key Product Benefits

  • Up to 9,000 hours or 18 months between servicing

  • Self-cleaning FullFlush® for first-time start-ups