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Jisprapat Limited Partnership or Cher-aim Herbal Brand located 430/31-32 Issarapap Road, Bangkokyai, Bangkok 10600. Jisprapat ordinary partnership has been producing herbal medicine since 2005. We are SME (small and medium enterprises) and developing our product for the oversea market. Our products are 100% Organic Pure Essential oil. The well-know product is Herbal Clinacanthus Nutans Balm 22g (0.78 Oz) Cher-aim brand Thai Herb Green Balm. This Green balm is made with natural herbs of Clinacanthus Nutans of Thailand, these herbs have long been regarded by Thai massage therapists as one of the best components of oil or balm for pain relief and muscle problems.

Manufacturer on of the most popular and leading companies in Thailand, thanks to its experience and quality products: Thai balms, deodorants, and products for body care using only high-quality herbal extracts, essential oils, plants extract. Products created exclusively based on natural components.

Why we won?

We offered Minikey HSAJET TIJ printer with solvent ink for this application, for mounted this printer with a labeling machine. The customer required a low-cost printer, easy use, and odorless.

HSAJET TIJ printer is designed for the quality printing of high-resolution codes on nonporous substrates.  HSAJET's respected expertise in printing systems ensures the most stringent production requirements will be met, offering peace of mind about uptime that translates into saving time and money.

About the MiniKey HSAJET Printer


The MiniKey is an out-of-the-box unit. Place an ink cartridge in the head, connect power, and print instantly by pushing a button. New layouts are easily made straight from the keyboard or loaded from a USB key or via a LAN or RS232 connection. The basic unit comes with a ½” printhead with a built-in product sensor. The MiniKey can control up to 2" print height.

The HSAJET® MiniKey is available with an integrated 1 or 2-pen printhead mounted on the side of the unit. Instead – or if the additional print height is required – the MiniKey can be delivered with remote printheads of 1 or 2 pens. Having two printheads enables double-sided printing.

Key Product Benefits

  • High resolution at the highest speeds

  • Small footprint

  • Efficient ink system

  • Improved line efficiency

  • Simple to use

  • No hidden cost