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Beverage manufacturers choose Linx products for coding and marking because of their reliability and ease of use. Linx's high-speed coding products, in particular the Linx 7900 Swift continuous inkjet printer and the Linx SL501 scribing laser coder, are designed with the particular needs of the beverage industry in mind, especially the ability to code accurately and at high speeds. The wide range of Linx inks include removable inks for internal traceability and process tolerant inks for containers in most production conditions.

Bottle marking production lines can often be difficult environments for printers to work in. With Linx printers you can rest assured that they will run reliably and efficiently for long periods, many having protective casings that ward against damage from external contaminants and allow them to be washed clean.


With Linx software packages such as Linx Insight® you will also be able to control your production line from wherever you are. The range of accessories available with our printers also helps them to fit into almost any production environment.

Top ten tips for finding your perfect production line coder

1. Reliability is the key - You can save valuable time and money when your coder is reliable and consistent. Take the time to find a coder that can keep up with the speed of your production line so that you can avoid unnecessary delays.

2. Mix it up - Be it glass, plastic, bottles, metal or cardboard, different substrates can prove to challenge for some printers so you’ll need to be sure you’re getting a quality code every time

3. Variety is the spice of life - However you work, you need a coder that adapts to your setup and comes with options for different code sizes and line speeds. With some working constantly and others on and off, you need to know your coder can cope, whatever the particulars of your production line.

4. Don’t inhibit your characters - When you can print more than 2 lines of code, you can do more and say more. As coding requirements get ever more complex, a coder that isn’t restricted to single lines gives you much more freedom to express everything, now and in the future.

5. Location - If you need to code onto any part of a bottle or can then you need a coder that gives you the full range of options. Without this flexibility, you won’t be able to move with the times.

6. Future-proof it all - Can your coder stand the test of time or do restrictive settings limit your production line? To make sure you’re not paying out every other year, find a coder with long-term flexibility.

7. Sometimes size does matter - When space is tight, having a conveniently small coder can make all the difference - especially where space is limited. Look for coders that can bring all the benefits of the bigger models but in a smaller package.

8. Wanted: mistake-proof operation - Do you need a coder that anyone can use? Precious training and working time can be saved with easy to adjust, central controls and clear, simple functionality that work like a child’s play.

9. Wrestle back control - With some coders, there are always issues. And issues mean delays, costs, and downtime. Instead of always relying on engineers to fix your coder, look for a model that comes with easy maintenance options.

10. Law-abiding and looking good - Imitation may be a form of flattery but when it comes to your beverages, the right kind of coder will help protect you against counterfeiting. Pick one that’s reliable and codes discreetly so that it won’t interfere with the beauty of your branding.

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