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Premium car care brand changes packages for complete customer satisfaction

A premium car care brand is now induction sealing its products to prevent spillages and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Autoglym, a British manufacturer of car care and valeting products, added the Enercon induction sealer into its production line following concerns around spillages. 

Andrew Queally, Process and Project Engineer at Autoglym, commented: “We have only recently started sealing containers in this manner in response to a new customer requirement.

“The main purpose of the induction seal is to prevent spillages between cap removal and dispensing of product into the customer’s storage vessels.” 

Before purchasing an Enercon Super Seal induction cap sealer, Autoglym was sealing its 5 litre bottles of shampoos and detergents with only a tamper evident cap. However, the company found this did not fully protect its products from such spillages.

The company, whose products are sold in over 45 countries, chose an automatic induction sealer, the Enercon Super Seal 75, to prevent this problem.

Speaking about the benefits gained since moving to induction sealing, Mr Queally said: “Eliminating spillages to allow safe handling and avoid waste is the biggest advantage to induction sealing for our products.

“There is also additional assurance that the product has not been tampered with, which is important to us and our customers as we are a premium car care brand.”

Speaking about Enercon, Mr Queally added: “Enercon Industries appears to be the biggest and most trusted name in this field. Working with a trusted company often makes life easy when adding new pieces of kit to the manufacturing line.

“We have found Enercon’s machine is easy to use with good repeatability when set-up correctly.”

To find out more about Autoglym visit or to find out more about Enercon’s range of automatic induction heat sealers, visit

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