Cap Seal for Pharmaceutical Caps, Bottles, Tablets, Pills & Liquids



The production and packaging of Pharmaceuticals is highly regulated and requires packaging partners that understand the requirements of this important industry.

Enercon supplies pharmaceutical packagers with reliable induction cap sealers for over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription pills, tablets, and liquids. Induction seals provide an approved method of tamper evidence by leaving a residue of the liner on the container lip. This alerts the consumer that the package has been previously opened.

In addition to the security features of an induction seal, pharmaceutical operations also benefit from leak prevention and freshness preservation provided by the hermetic sealing of the container. The seal prevents oxygen and moisture from entering the container through the foil seal.

Enercon’s touch screen cap sealers offer pharmaceuticals advanced features for controlling and operating their sealer including operator lockout, recipe control, advanced diagnostics, network control and integrated cap inspection. Cap inspection ensures a foil liner is present, detects for high caps, cocked caps and stalled bottles.


Many pharma companies also take advantage of our Validation Protocols which help ensure they effectively meet FDA compliance.

Get more information by contacting our cap sealing application experts or use the links below to gain more insights on how induction cap sealing is used in the pharmaceutical industry.



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Switch from conduction to induction sealing accelerates line efficiencies


Prescription Solutions relies on Enercon for RFID-Friendly Cap Sealing Solution



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