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Sealing Child Resistant, Dispensing & Specialty Caps



Enercon’s application experts will advise you on the best sealing head to seal the cap and closure type you are using. Our engineering team has developed more induction sealing heads than anyone else in the industry. There are four basic types of sealing heads for sealing standard continuous thread closures (CT), child resistant caps (CRC), dispensing caps and specialty closures. The key is making sure the sealing energy is directed to the foil liner to ensure efficient and even heating.


Sealing Continuous Thread Caps  -  FLAT

Standard continuous thread ures are very straightforward to seal and are most often sealed with a flat induction sealing head or tunnel head, depending on the size of the cap. Because the foil liner is very close to the top of the cap, the sealing energy is efficiently directed straight into the liner through the cap. For operations sealing a range of containers with varying cap diameters, an All-in-One Sealing may offer the best performance and versatility.

deeo tunnel sealing head enercon.png

Sealing Dispensing Caps - DEEP TUNNEL

Dispensing closures include sports caps, disc caps, spouted caps, and flip caps. Enercon has engineered several styles of tunnel sealing heads for these special types of closures. For example many oil additive containers have long necks for ease of dispensing. This type of cap is best sealed by a deep tunnel sealing head.

Tunnel head Enercon sealing head.png

Sealing Child Resistant Caps - TUNNEL

Child resistant closures (CRC) are designed to protect children from opening a container that may be filled with a potentially hazardous substance. As such, there is usually a significant gap between the top of the cap and the location of the induction liner at the mouth of the container. These caps are most commonly sealed by a tunnel sealing head. The tunnel sealing head directs sealing energy from the sides and top of the cap to heat the foil liner most efficiently.

pivot sealing head enercon.png

Sealing Unique Caps - PIVOT

Other unique closure styles feature irregular shapes, dual headed mixing caps, domed caps and other innovative concepts that packagers design for function and performance. There’s hardly an application our experts have not encountered and they always appreciate a challenge. When you have an idea for a new closure include our experts in the process and you’ll receive free advice on how to ensure your new product will be successfully induction sealed.

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