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Coding and Marking Solution on Ampoule Label


Our Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO) offers flexible, high-quality product coding and marking solutions that help you meet legislative requirements, minimize maintenance, and maximize uptime.

Accurate coding and marking of ampoule labels is essential to ensure their contents can be tracked, distributed and used correctly.
However, with multiple materials available, it can be not easy to find product coding and labeling solutions that are flexible enough to meet your needs.

PT Asia offers a range of Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO) solutions that can be used to create accurate text and 2D Data Matrix codes on a variety of materials - making them ideal for marking and coding for glass. Our Thermal Transfer Overprinters are designed for easy operation - Available with a 32mm or 53mm wide printhead the TT 750 is capable of printing onto flexible packaging and other materials at print rates of up to 250 prints per minute and line speeds of up to 750mm per second.


Enhance Your Ampoule Labeling with Advanced TTO Solutions

Revolutionizing Ampoule Coding and Marking with PT Asia's Thermal Transfer Overprinters.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the accuracy of product coding and marking is not just a requirement—it's a necessity. Ampoules, as critical components of medical and research applications, demand the highest standards of label clarity and durability. Recognizing this essential need, PT Asia introduces its cutting-edge Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO) solutions, designed to meet and exceed legislative coding requirements while ensuring maximum operational efficiency.

Why Choose PT Asia's TTO Solutions?

Our TTO technology offers unparalleled flexibility and quality in coding and marking solutions, suitable for a wide range of materials, including the challenging surfaces of ampoule labels. Here's why our TTO solutions stand out:

  • Versatility for Various Materials: Whether you're working with glass, flexible packaging, or other materials, our TTO solutions deliver crisp, clear, and durable codes every time.

  • High-Quality Coding: From accurate text to intricate 2D Data Matrix codes, our printers ensure that every ampoule can be easily tracked and traced, fulfilling global legislative requirements.

  • Operational Excellence: Designed for ease of use, our printers, including the flagship TT 750 model, support print rates of up to 250 prints per minute and line speeds up to 750mm per second, maximizing your production uptime.

  • Customizable Print Widths: With printhead options of 32mm and 53mm, our TTO solutions are tailored to meet your specific coding needs, ensuring optimal print quality and efficiency.

Empowering Your Production with Minimal Maintenance

At PT Asia, we understand the importance of reliability and minimal downtime in production environments. Our TTO solutions are engineered for low maintenance requirements and high uptime, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Join the Coding Revolution

Embrace the future of ampoule labeling with PT Asia's Thermal Transfer Overprinters. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction makes us your ideal partner in meeting the coding and marking challenges of today and tomorrow.

Discover how our TTO solutions can transform your production process. Contact us today for more information and a personalized consultation.

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