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Electric Shrink Tunnel

Electric Shrink Tunnel | SH Series

  • All stainless steel

  • Heating is even and adjustable

  • We also provide Open Type Hot Air Gun Shrink Tunnel for super high-temperature request


1. All SUS304 stainless steel frame, elegant and compact, non-coating process, pollution-free.
2. 3-step heat isolation design for energy-saving and operator protection.
3. Digital control, internal circulation keeps the temperature consistent and shrinking effect perfect.

4. Equipped with high-level VFD(Variable Frequency Drive) that makes controlling wind speed easy.

5. Unique wind board design makes controlling of wind direction easy and flexible, able to adapt to different bottles.

6. Durable electric(quartz) heater tube ensures efficient heating.

7. The panel is embedded to prevent operators from changing settings accidentally.

8. Heating can be stopped immediately, or maintained by a timer.

Two Section Temperature Control Electric
3-step heat isolation design for energy-saving and operator protection | Electric Shrink Tunnel
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