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Empty Bottle/Container Inspector - Ensuring Product Quality And Optimizing Efficiency On The Packaging Line Is Possible Thanks To E2M’s Ebivision (Empty Bottle Vision) Inspection System.

Ensuring Product Quality And Optimizing Efficiency On The Packaging Line Is Possible Thanks To E2M’s Ebivision (Empty Bottle Vision) Inspection System.

In production processes, the phase that comprises the packaging line constitutes a key moment that, without effective quality control and separation systems, can lead to significant losses.

The rejection of defective or non-production packaging represents an effective solution when it comes to reducing operating costs and meeting quality standards and requirements.

The EbiVision Empty Bottle Inspection System Allows To Inspect Returnable Bottles After The Washing Process And Before Filling.

EbiVision is a complete low-cost artificial vision inspection system to ensure 100% quality of production.

It allows inspecting returnable bottles after the washing process and before filling, as well as new bottles before the filling process.

This innovative inspection system stands out in the market for valuable features such as:

  • Meets and exceeds all required safety standards in the industry

  • It incorporates a pressure switch to warn of the lack of compressed air

  • It does not require maintenance, does not need greasing

  • Electronics and inspection and control programs

  • Inspection room with lighting system and cameras with IP 65 degree of protection

  • Linear supports and guides with digital position indicator for quick format change

The EbiVision inspection system, together with the Push rejection systems, brings agility to the production guaranteeing the highest quality.


  • The team inspects the walls, bottom, and height of the bottle sideways. The aspects that can be detected are mainly: Lateral walls: foreign bodies adhered to the walls of the bottle such as stains, label debris, tail debris, chafing, etc.

  • Bottom of the bottle: the presence of foreign bodies or liquids (as long as they have a diameter greater than 4mm) It can also detect breakages, the dimensions of the bottle, and with the implantation of an additional chamber the mouth of the bottle can be visualized to detect breakages and chipped in the closing zone.

  • You can inspect, without losing efficiency, glass containers of any color as long as they are translucent. The inspection is not affected by the rotation of the bottle, as two images are taken at 90º.


  • Maximum inspection speed 90,000 und / hour, with little processing, typical speed 60,000 und / hour.

  • Instant format change per program, all inspection, lighting, and rejection parameters being configured automatically.

  • Easy programming of new formats by the user. – Configuration and control program in Windows.

  • An unlimited number of settings.

  • An unlimited number of inspection regions in an image.

  • Images can be saved and recovered from the hard disk.

  • Inspection module: Calculation of areas, location of transitions and lines, measurement of distances and location of liquid level.

  • Control of lighting intensity.

  • Programmable alarms of consecutive defects and percentage of defects in the last inspections.

  • Digital, analog, and relay outputs for control of the repeller, stop, alarms, etc. – Although it is based on a PC, the start-up and stop is carried out with buttons, without touching the keyboard.

Security :

  • Meets and exceeds all safety standards required in the industry.

  • The electronic equipment complies with the low voltage regulations and has passed the electromagnetic compatibility tests and quality and life tests in adverse environments.

  • All the elements have a minimum degree of tightness of IP65, except in the electronic equipment for having the fan.

  • It incorporates a pressure switch to warn of the lack of compressed air.

It does not require maintenance, it does not need lubrication.

Complete system:

  • Electronics and inspection and control programs.

  • Inspection enclosure with the lighting system and cameras with degree of protection IP 65,

  • Supports and linear guides with digital position indicator for a quick change of format.

  • MULTISTEP configurable profile ejector with height adjustment, for stable rejection of empty glass bottles. This is capable of moving the bottle to the rejection conveyor by gently accompanying it and without dumping it, thus reducing production losses.

  • It is installed in a section of less than 800mm of conveyor (including stable ejector).

  • Communication via serial port with other computer systems to send inspection data.

  • Modem connection to our company for remote diagnosis, or new configurations.

  • Stainless steel cabinet with degree of protection IP 65, for PC, control rack and electrical equipment,

  • The monitor is installed on an adjustable platform and covered with stainless steel protection.

Typical Inspections Of The Empty Bottles Inspector EBIVISION

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