macsa laser marking solutions

SPA 125W


Reliability in wash down and other wet and dusty environments

SPA 125W IP65 by MACSA

The SPA 125W IP65 laser marker has been specially developed for use in environments where liquids may be present or where the system may need to be ‘washed down’ to comply with strict hygiene regulations. The system is able to apply alphanumeric text and complex graphics to a wide variety of materials including glass, card, plastic, PVC and painted metals.

Designed as a fully integrated system the SPA 125W IP65 incorporates the laser, beam delivery, cooling and control systems into a single compact unit. The beam generated by the 125W CO2 RF excited slab laser reaches the dual-axis scanner via a series of mirrors within the articulated beam delivery system

  • IP66 rating for use in harsh environments

  • Highest quality vector generation

  • Static or Dynamic marking 

  • Low maintenance

  • Large scan area up to 300 by 300mm 

  • Precise line tracking 

  • Up to 1,200 characters per second