Inspector by artificial vision for the control of flaps of cardboard boxes

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Inspector by an artificial vision for the control of flaps of cardboard boxes - Inspection Of Bottle Boxes

VISIOBOXis an inspector of bottle boxes, ideal for verifying the presence/absence of containers and their caps (if any), as well as foreign objects.

Depending on the model selected, inspections are added such as printed logos, packaging of unwanted format or color, etc.


  • The VisioBox is a turnkey system, installed before the palletizing system, for the artificial vision control of raised flaps and/or a bad orientation of the cardboard box

  • 1 CCD camera B / W 1.3 megapixels

  • Intuitive and simple Windows-system environment

  • Easy format configuration

  • 17 ″ touch screen

  • High-performance production, multi-format

  • The system manages rejection I / O signals, encoder, etc

  • Externally controlled via LAN or VPN

  • Remote control (Ethernet or modem)

  • E2M online technical assistance

  • IP65 stainless steel enclosure

  • Encoder for the detection of the position of the container

Max. Processing, (u / h): Up to 10,000 depending on the analysis

  • Max. of programs (formats): Infinite, only depends on the memory of the PC

  • Max. Analysis (windows): Infinite, only depends on the PC memory and production

  • 200mm x 200mm x 200mm housing fixed to the ground with one foot

  • Inside the housing is the 3D sensor with its micrometric adjustment support

  • Easy assembly, without modifications

  • Polished satin stainless steel case 400 x 400 x 200mm

  • Foot on the ground and orientable towards the operator

  • 3 color beacon for an indication of states and alarms


  • Silent system

  • Easy installation on the existing conveyor

  • Compact and robust design

  • Minimum preventive maintenance

  • Long-life system and fast amortization

  • Water jet cleaning for dripping lines of dairy or sticky content (MS Series V)

  • Intuitive format change

  • Compatible with third-party inspection systems

  • Configurable division strategies

There are three standard VISIOBOX models according to the technology used in an artificial vision:

1) VISIOBOX – V: Use a B&W or color azimuth camera to inspect the box and/or its contents with visible light. It can include additional lateral cameras for the inspection of logos and labels, defects. It is suitable for any type of container and is capable of verifying size, color, orientation, presence/absence of containers and caps, box format, etc.

2) VISIOBOX – T: It uses a TOF (Time Of Flight) camera with built-in NIR (Near Infra-Red) infrared illumination. This type of sensor, in addition to performing an image capture, is capable of measuring height through the time of light propagation, thus obtaining a 3D model of the box with the containers. It is suitable for checking the presence or absence of plastic containers, or of any type of container with a cap. Verify that the heights of the containers are in the required range.

3) VISIOBOX – S:It uses a scanner that projects a laser beam on the moving box, obtaining a 3D model of the set. Available in two models, standard and low cost, depending on the resolution required. It is suitable for plastic containers or with stoppers in high-speed lines. It includes all the features of VISIOBOX-T. The standard version includes a B&W linear camera.

What Does A VISIOBOX Device Do?